A Night Amidst Lights

One of the most beautiful theme resort of Jaipur is the Chokhi Dhani resort. Take a walk through the Rajasthani village themed resort and feel the true essence of vibrant and colorful Rajasthani villages. Receive a grand welcome at the entrance of the resort with ’tilak’ (Rajasthani custom of welcoming by putting a distinctive spot of red … More A Night Amidst Lights

Streets of Jaipur

Those who think that Jaipur is all about forts and nobility, are slightly mistaken. One of the major attractions of Jaipur is not its historic monuments, but its streets and markets.The streets of Jaipur are full of life- vibrant, colorful and bustling with vendors and tourists from different parts of the world! You will find … More Streets of Jaipur

The Royal Affair

Boasting off one of richest cultures of India, the Pink City aka Jaipur evokes royalty from every nook and corner of it. It is the city of beautiful forts; from Hawa Mahal to Amer fort, every structure is an epitome of marvelous architecture and craftsmanship. Their walls reveal endless facts and stories about the royal families that once lived there. Some are … More The Royal Affair

Surajkund mela 2016

The Surajkund Mela 2016 which is being held at Faridabad is bursting with colors and heritage from all across the world and our country. This year, the state of Telangana is chosen as the theme of the fair with over 20 countries putting up their stalls in it. Rich traditions and crafts are displayed in … More Surajkund mela 2016

India Art Fair

The India Art Fair 2016 held at NSIC exhibition grounds was spectacular beyond words! It is the prime South Asian art fair and surely looked like it. The beautiful art pieces that were displayed there were all treat to eyes. We were amazed to see such deep and meaningful art from all across the world. … More India Art Fair

Tibetan tranquility

If you ever want to visit a place that is extremely peaceful, serene yet magnificent, then spend some part of your life in McLeod Ganj. This beautiful city is located in the quiet suburb of Dharamshala. Once you enter the city, the feeling of being there will provoke you to demolish all the tiresome and … More Tibetan tranquility

Sparkling serenity

  A travel across the city of Nashik, Maharashtra was refreshing one. The colors and culture of this city holds such a positive vibe, one is bound to come back feeling revived. Nashik definitely holds religious value among people, with it’s beautiful temples and the Panchavati, where it is believed that lord Ram stayed during … More Sparkling serenity

Time travel

  Visiting the National Museum was an astounding experience for a history lover like me. This place is somewhere I can spend my whole day in, without getting bored. The historic aura that the museum holds is appealing in its own way. So much for being a nerd! Indian history and culture is vast, so … More Time travel