The Royal Affair

Boasting off one of richest cultures of India, the Pink City aka Jaipur evokes royalty from every nook and corner of it. It is the city of beautiful forts; from Hawa Mahal to Amer fort, every structure is an epitome of marvelous architecture and craftsmanship. Their walls reveal endless facts and stories about the royal families that once lived there. Some are told, some left unsaid.

The main structures of the city include City Palace, Albert Hall Museum, Amer fort and Hawa Mahal, to name a few. You can hire a guide or rent an audio guide inside the premises of these buildings if you are curious to know the stories behind every location. It is a very interesting experience altogether.


The majestic Amer fort is the most fascinating of all. Located on a high hill, it is visible from almost all parts of the main city. The fort has a very raw and royal feel to it. Wandering within the walls of the fort, you can actually experience what it was to live like a nobility. Beautifully carved pillars and gates, lush green gardens and the magnificent Sheesh mahal adorn the palace premises and you just can not take your eyes away from them.output_Yu4F1a


Photography :- Nancy Gupta and Arushi Upreti
Write up :- Shubhangi Misra


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