Tibetan tranquility


If you ever want to visit a place that is extremely peaceful, serene yet magnificent, then spend some part of your life in McLeod Ganj. This beautiful city is located in the quiet suburb of Dharamshala. Once you enter the city, the feeling of being there will provoke you to demolish all the tiresome and stressful life you’ve been living in your head throughout. Apparently one can easily refer it as a shelter or a rest house for spiritual pilgrims.

If you could travel to some extent to hunt for the local vendors, you’ll definitely not regret being there. And the place where you’ll get to have a look at their amazing talent altogether is – Bhagsu!

Unlike the big restaurants, hi-fi infrastructure and hectic schedules , the families there have initiated their talents in small huts that eventually led them to grow more lively within their comfort zone .

‘The Bhagsu Waterfall’, I am honestly lacking words to describe such exquisite form of the god’s creation. The fall transforms into a 30 feet course. The Bhagsu waterfall is a shrine in itself for those who bow their head at the altar of nature. The more you sit and feel the authenticity of the local’s surrounding, the more you wish to explore the city. Believe me it is that fascinating!

Learning techniques of their craft-making, trekking, mouth watering cuisines and specially pizzas preferably baked in ‘wood ovens’ are the most eye-catching activities for the tourists  You’ll truly achieve an utmost desire of being there once you understand the small world of the local people living in that beautiful place.

Photography and write up  :- Arushi Upreti


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