Sparkling serenity



A travel across the city of Nashik, Maharashtra was refreshing one. The colors and culture of this city holds such a positive vibe, one is bound to come back feeling revived. Nashik definitely holds religious value among people, with it’s beautiful temples and the Panchavati, where it is believed that lord Ram stayed during his exile period with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. The authenticity of the belief is something I am oblivious to, but I feel that the place is certainly worth a visit.

What captured me were the shimmering stalls and markets in the area. The stalls are very appealing to the eyes and you’ll find yourself drawn towards them. I spotted some very alluring accessories here and that too at a much lower price than any other place. Other than jewelry and fashion accessories, the stalls are filled with beautiful small items used in temples and as home decor. Though I am not very fond of shimmer and sparkle but I the colorful environment of this place caught my admiration. Amidst all the hustle bustle and chaos, the city still has a calm and serene feel to it.


Photography and write up:- Shubhangi Misra




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