Time travel


Visiting the National Museum was an astounding experience for a history lover like me. This place is somewhere I can spend my whole day in, without getting bored. The historic aura that the museum holds is appealing in its own way. So much for being a nerd!

Indian history and culture is vast, so much that it is not possible to portray it in a single book or a single place. This museum has almost every aspect of history covered in its various segments. I absolutely loved the jewelry section. Such authentic and captivating pieces from 16th to 18th century are displayed, one simply cannot take their eyes away from them. Also, the section which displays items from pre-historic times is very fascinating. It contains archaeological finds from various excavated sites such as Mohenjo daro. Very old and rare artifacts are kept here which evoke curiosity to know more about them.

Our past is beautifully displayed within the walls of this museum. The place is a must visit for anyone who wants to explore Indian culture and history in depth.


Photography :- Shubhangi Misra and Arushi Upreti
Write up :- Shubhangi Misra


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