Streets of Jaipur

Those who think that Jaipur is all about forts and nobility, are slightly mistaken. One of the major attractions of Jaipur is not its historic monuments, but its streets and markets.The streets of Jaipur are full of life- vibrant, colorful and bustling with vendors and tourists from different parts of the world!


You will find all sorts of leather goods here. Leather shoes, bags, wallets, etc are all beautifully hand crafted and are sold at extremely reasonable prices. The markets are full of bandhani and leheriya (Indian tie and dye techniques) saris and stoles which are so pretty, you can’t resist yourself from buying them! You can also find a lot of silver work here, like jewellery and small items for home decor.
Indian puppet craft also known as ‘Kathputli’ is practiced here on a large scale. You will find various kinds of Kathputli, male and female, wearing colorful clothes and decorated with paints, sequins, ribbons, etc. Most of the shopkeepers that sell them, make them on their own, rather than buying them from somewhere else. That is why this craft is very popular in Jaipur.
The tempting street food stalls after regular intervals are sure to leave your taste buds tantalized and wanting for more!

You can wander here all day and never get bored, such is the charm of Jaipur. The true portrayal of Rajasthan’s culture and tradition will be found in its streets and markets.


Photography :- Nancy Gupta and Arushi Upreti
Write up :- Shubhangi Misra



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