A Night Amidst Lights

One of the most beautiful theme resort of Jaipur is the Chokhi Dhani resort. Take a walk through the Rajasthani village themed resort and feel the true essence of vibrant and colorful Rajasthani villages.

Receive a grand welcome at the entrance of the resort with ’tilak’ (Rajasthani custom of welcoming by putting a distinctive spot of red powder on the forehead) and a welcome drink.

As the sun begins to set, the resort starts coming to life with pretty little lanterns illuminating the whole place. Various entertainment shows like dance, puppets, magic shows etc. also get started.

The ‘Kala gram’ (artists’ village)  in the middle of the resort offers beautiful items from various parts of Rajasthan where talented workers sell their handmade products. While some workers sell finished products like Rajasthani stoles, leather and embroidered shoes, wooden toys, puppets, etc; some are seen engrossed in making their products (quilts, bangles, etc) and selling them on the spot. The sight of such beautiful products being made by those expert hands is truly astonishing and worth seeing.

Walk a little away from Kala gram and you will find yourself surrounded by a plethora of light and sound exhibitions displaying life-size scenes from the lives of famous Rajasthani warriors, war scenes and beautiful caves. Then comes the exhibition of houses from different parts of the country. All of this is sure to leave you marveling at their magnificent craftsmanship.
Other entertainments include boat rides, camel and elephant rides, jungle dance, etc which are equally enjoyable.

Lastly comes the most tantalizing part of Chokhi Dhani, the dinner. Pure Rajasthani food is served in a huge platter, which is as delectable in taste as it looks on the thali (a huge plate). And what’s more awesome, the hosts will keep on serving the food till you’re full to your heart’s content.(Actually even more than that!). Isn’t it a dream come true for all the food lovers?



Photography :- Nancy Gupta and Arushi Upreti
Write-up :- Shubhangi Misra


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