The Pursuit of Faith

The Jama Masjid situated in old Delhi has been on my visit list since quiet some time. Maybe because of it being a tourist attraction, or maybe because I’ve never been to a mosque before.

Coming from a Hindu Brahman family,  I was always told that ‘my’ place for worshiping is a temple. That I only belong to a temple, neither to a mosque nor a gurudwara. According to my elders, it will be considered wrong if I go to a mosque for worshiping. I never questioned this fact, after all this is what people believe and follow. As I grew up, many questions regarding religion and faith crossed my mind and I started forming my own opinions on them rather than just believing in everything that was told to me. Not that I became an atheist, but the idea of religion started troubling me. The idea that people have about religion is not something I totally agreed to.

Entering the premises of this beautiful and vast structure, I felt no different than what I feel when I enter a temple or ‘my’ place of worship. The feeling of calmness and peace was same. The feeling of respect towards god was same. The faith with which people were praying was same. I found almost everything same here. Then why are these two places considered to be so different? After all the main goal of worshiping is to thank god and to be able to be at peace with ourselves, right? Being in a country where religion is such a sensitive topic, I think I myself will have to decipher the answers of questions like these.


Photography:- Arushi Upreti
Write up:- Shubhangi Misra


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