File makers

After aimlessly wandering in the streets of Chandni Chowk for about one hour, a narrow lane in the corner of the street caught our eye. The laneIMG_4545_2.jpg was so narrow, not more than 2 people could walk through it together.

Just to try it for fun we thought of going into it. At the end of the lane we saw a small shop. As we moved closer we realized the shop was not so small after all. A huge machine and cut outs of cardboard pieces came in view. Moving further, a middle aged man came towards us with a bundle of files in his hand.

We inqIMG_4561_2.JPGuired him a little about the shop and he showed us a variety of files and told us that he deals in manufacturing and supplies of these files. We saw the cardboard being cut in that machine which they called as a cutting machine and whole process of file making. It was hell of an interesting experience to see such a huge variety of files, some of which we knew nothing about.

The owner Mr. Pramod Jain is a soft spoken person and has been running this shop with his assistant Suresh since a very long time, after his father. He has named it after his son who will soon join him in the business.


Mr. Pramod Jain






Photography and interview:- Arushi Upreti
Write up:- Shubhangi Misra


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