Beautifully hand painted t-shirts, little terracotta structures, unique jewelry and accessories charm this small but interesting store, MAATI.

This store in Hauz Khas fascinated us a little more than the others. Maybe because of the story it holds. Its owner was generous enough to let us know what brought him in this business.

They started off by travelling and teaching painting and different forms of art to people like rickshaw pullers, boatmen, tier shop owners, etc. After some time the artists said, “what’s the point of learning art if we can’t earn through it?” That gave them the idea of experimenting with t-shirts which later on became a big hit in the market! They exclusively hand paint each and every t-shirt and other accessories. Moreover, every t-shirt has a tag which includes the artist’s story in it. A lot of skill and hard work goes there.

Started in 2007, they have taught different forms of art to more than 70 artists from all over the country. The main art form is called “theyyam” which comes from Karnataka.

You can check it out at


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